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Wedding: Geoff and Melissa

It was a beautiful October morning and the Bride’s family had traveled from Ontario to see their last child married. Earlier this year the couple met in a coffee shop through a member of the Groom’s family. Though unexpected, they were both instantly swept off their feet and they knew they’d met ‘The One.’

Wedding: Lino and Stephanie

On a hot, sunny, late-July weekend Lino and Stephanie celebrated their wedding day at the UBC farm in Vancouver, BC. It was certainly an Italian affair; fresh lasagna and free flowing Prosecco, all topped with a joyous singing of ‘It’s Amore’ in unison.
It didn’t seem real and yet, there we were, witnessing something you only expect to see in the movies!

Tasty food thanks to the wonderful catering of Savoury Chef.
Wedding coordination by Elements Modern Weddings

Wedding: Mike and Stephanie

The beautiful cherry blossoms were in full bloom this May the perfect compliment to Mike and Stephanie pink and green wedding located at Cloverdales historic Christ Church. Here are a few photos from the day!

Engagement: Ryan and Spencer

I’ve always found myself fascinated by travel. Spencer and Ryan seem to have also caught the bug. These two have traversed South America in search of adventure; cycling down the worlds most deadly highway in Bolivia, a 5 day hike in Peru and even paragliding only to realize that ‘yes’ to ‘loco’ may be more than you bargained for.
Here are a few photos from our day together!

Wedding: Sonny and Meagan

Rain. Not everyone’s favourite wedding forecast. Thankfully, possibly due to the fervent prayers of Meagan’s Parents, the sun came out just enough to give us a dry photo shoot. Perfect! Just moments into the reception the weather gave way to some really heavy rainfall.