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Wedding: Pedram and Jen

While immersed in a side project, I received an email from a friend saying they would be in Canada and could use a hand. By luck, it was one of my available weekends.

Last summer we had the opportunity to shoot the Bride’s Brother’s wedding. Since we had already met most of the family, things ran very smooth. Mr. and Mrs. Pettigrew were wonderfully hospitable by ensuring we were well fed between locations. We waited for last summer’s bride, Bethany, to arrive off the plane from a recent move to Japan. Without a skipping a beat, she was in a bridesmaids dress and ready to go!

It was a great pleasure to be exposed to some Persian wedding culture.

Wedding: Ami and Kim

Sometimes things happen in life and you get thrown a few curve balls. Ami is from England and Kim is from Victoria now both living in New York City. The plan was to get married in England and everything was underway when they probably heard the sound of someone stopping a record and the needle letting out a terrible screech. The two had to change plans and get married in Victoria after Kim’s dad suffered an injury and was unable to fly to England for the wedding. They didn’t give up and instead Kim flew out to help plan and spend some time with family and finding venues.

Despite set backs these two created a beautiful weekend full of warmth, plenty of cider, incredible Indian fusion dishes and lots of dancing! This wedding was memorable for all the right reasons!

Catering by Ambrosia
Wedding Coordination by Smart Events
Venue Sea Cider Farm

Engagement: Geoff and Melissa

My husband and I met Melissa about month or so before our own wedding in 2006. When I heard her talk about Geoff I could hear in her voice that this wasn’t just ’some guy.’ I wasn’t too surprised to find when we met that he did seem to be her perfect match. Sometimes you just know when it’s right.
He romanced her with dates and many kindnesses before proposing in late May. It was a great joy to run around in the forest and on the beach with these two!